What is Abloxx?

Abloxx tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. These can be stored on any ERC-20 compatible wallet. Abloxx is one of the first tokens worldwide that has already built real use cases during the sales phase.


Limited Supply


Accepting XAB in the future


100.000+ after marketing


Qualified Team members

Benefits of Abloxx Tokens

One of the first usecases is a licensed trading company called Teroxx. Via Teroxx it is possible for every Abloxx holder to participate in the complete crypto market with only one single transaction to Teroxx. You don't need any special prior knowledge to be part of it. Teroxx forms a special pool, which is assigned exclusively to Abloxx tokens and its owners. If you store your tokens in the wallet provided by Teroxx, you will get a bonus from this pool again and again.


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Receive Tokens

Through our distribution and purchase partner Capiteus Holding Ltd. and Highfly Ventures Ltd. it is possible to receive Abloxx Token. Capiteus Holding Ltd. offers several value cards (Abloxx Coupon) for different products which you can redeem at Highfly Ventures Ltd.. The advantage is to get discounted offers on the individual product. A good reputation and satisfied clients were decicive for our current cooperation.

Storage of the Tokens

Abloxx can be stored on various ERC-20 compliant wallets.After issuing a certain amount of XAB, they are transfered to the wallet deposited when redeeming a Toquon. Once you own Abloxxtokens, they can then be stored on the wallet of Teroxx, which will become one of the first points of acceptance. Additionally you get a bonus when storing the tokens at Teroxx.

Marketing and Community Building

Abloxx relies on a marketing system superior to that used for normal token sales or the st andard direct marketing system for ICO. By recommending an external product, all Abloxx tokens are given away proportionately to the community, which builds itself up and acquires one of these products. Community members can also receive special rewards by referring them to others.

Social Media, Communication and Public Relations

In future, all social media, communication and public relations will be partly designed and completely monitored by a specially appointed social media and communication manager. A presence in the following social media channels will be designed and displayed: Twitter, Steemit, Telegram, Newsletter as well as a 24/7 support chat function.


Thomas Jöbstl

Founder & CEO

Christoph Pliessnig

Founder & CEO

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