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Abloxx Token

One token to participate in the whole market

Step into the revolutionary world of simple crypto trading with Abloxx token – your single pass to participate in the dynamic crypto market. At the crossroads of technology and innovation, Abloxx is a token with a bright future. Make your move to financial freedom with Abloxx and enjoy the benefits of our growth-oriented digital asset.


Fact Sheet

Unveiling Abloxx

Provided through the licensed trading company Teroxx, Abloxx presents a unique approach to crypto trading. With the Teroxx Wallet App, it is possible for every Abloxx holder to participate in the entire crypto market with just a single, easy transaction (purchase of the Abloxx token). No special prior knowledge is needed to benefit from this broad market. Teroxx forms a special pool that is exclusively allocated to Abloxx Token and their holders. If you store your tokens in the wallet provided by Teroxx, you will receive a bonus from this pool continously.

What Makes Abloxx Different?

Abloxx, paired with the cutting-edge technology of our Teroxx wallet platform, provides a secure way to trade and protect your assets. Here are the four pillars that makeup Abloxx:



We uphold complete transparency and adherence to regulations.



Our secure wallet and robust security system ensure your transactions and digital assets remain protected.



The Abloxx token has delivered a consistent and stable performance in the fluctuating crypto market to date.



Storing your tokens in the Teroxx wallet not only secures your assets but can also enable you to periodic bonuses.

How to Buy XAB Tokens

Purchasing XAB tokens is easy:

1. Download

Download the Teroxx wallet from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

2. Register

Register on the Teroxx platform

3. Quantity

Choose your desired quantity of XAB tokens

4. Pay

Complete your purchase with your preferred payment method

How to Buy XAB Tokens

  1. Download the Teroxx wallet from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Register on the Teroxx platform.
  3. Choose your desired quantity of XAB tokens.
  4. Complete your purchase with your preferred payment method.

Would you like to buy Abloxx tokens in a value of more than 10,000 EUR? Then contact our customer service directly via the form.

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Abloxx Support:

We’re Here for You

We understand the importance of having a reliable support team. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors are here to answer all your questions and guide you through every step of your crypto journey. Connect with us from Monday through Friday, between 08:00 and 19:00 CET by filling in the form below.

Understand Our Bonus System

Our unique bonus system rewards Abloxx token holders. By storing your tokens in the Teroxx wallet, you become eligible for recurring bonuses, enhancing your digital asset growth.

Here is how it works:

Depositing Tokens and the Locked Wallet

To benefit from the Abloxx bonus system, you need to deposit at least 10 Abloxx Tokens into the Teroxx Bonus Wallet. You can view all crucial information related to your locked tokens right away.
Bonus Wallet

Bonus Calculations & Loyalty Payout Periods

The start date for your bonus calculation depends on when you transfer your tokens to the Teroxx Bonus Wallet. For instance, if you move your tokens and lock them in your Bonus Wallet on March 10th, 2023, your bonus calculation begins within the following quarter on April 1st, 2023.

Loyalty Payout Periods

A loyalty payout period commences on the 1st day of a quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st & October 1st). To be eligible for the first payout in the upcoming quarter, your Abloxx Tokens need to be in the locked crypto wallet for at least one full month in the current quarter.

For example, if you deposit tokens on February 10th, 2023, they will have been stored in the secure Teroxx Bonus Wallet for a complete month (March) in the 1st quarter. As a result, you can expect your first partial payout from the Loyalty Program at the beginning of the 2nd quarter (April 1st, 2023).

Commission Ratio

Suppose you secure your tokens on March 10, 2023 in the 1st quarter of the year. Then they will be locked in the following month of April, which is the 2nd quarter of the year, for the entire month and the following period. The bonus from the Loyalty Program will then be paid at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2023 (July 1, 2023).


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März Einführung von neuen Funktionen: Teroxx Help Center, Handel, Abloxx direkt über Teroxx Wallet App kaufen


<valign=”top”>Dezember Krypto-Wachstum
<valign=”top”>November Bankeinzahlungen und -abhebungen, Kreditkarteneinzahlungen, Empfehlungssystem, neue Münzen und Sicherheitsupdates
<valign=”top”>August Neue Sprachpakete verfügbar
<valign=”top”>Juli Neuer Registrierungsablauf
<valign=”top”>Mai Teroxx Wallet App AML Update und Angebot für Firmenkonten
<valign=”top”>März Teroxx Wallet App Update Steuerbericht, Notification Center und zusätzliche Coins


<valign=”top”>Dezember Neue Partnerschaft mit Blockpit und Coinify
<class=”tg-bkto”>Oktober Teroxx AIF Vertriebszulassung für das D-A-CH-Gebiet (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz)
<valign=”top”>August Jumio AML-Service Partnerschaft
<valign=”top”>Juli Teroxx Wallet App 3.0 Launch
<valign=”top”>Mai Teroxx AIF Summe – $ 1.800.000
<valign=”top”>März Teroxx AIF von der FMA Liechtenstein genehmigt


<class=”tg-bkto”> Dezember Teroxx Wallet App Update und Jumio KYC Integration
<class=”tg-bkto”>November Neue KYC Partnerschaft mit Jumio
<class=”tg-bkto”>September Neues innovatives Teroxx Wallet App Design
<class=”tg-bkto”>August Erste AIF Kooperationen unterzeichnet
<class=”tg-bkto”>Juli Neue Abloxx Vertriebspartnerschaft
<class=”tg-bkto”>Mai Planung des Teroxx-AIF für institutionelle Anleger
<class=”tg-bkto”>März Einführung des Teroxx-Kreditkartenprogramms für die Nutzung von Kryptowährungen im täglichen Leben
<class=”tg-bkto”>Januar Erste Auszahlung aus dem Teroxx-Treueprogramm für Abloxx-Anleger


<class=”tg-bkto”>Dezember Teroxx App Exchange Funktion gestartet
<class=”tg-bkto”>November Launch des Abloxx Loyalty Programms
<class=”tg-bkto”>Oktober Beginn der Zusammenarbeit mit Kreditkartenanbieter
<class=”tg-bkto”>September Teroxx App wird im Apple Store gelistet
<class=”tg-bkto”>August Teroxx App wird im Google Play Store gelistet
<class=”tg-bkto”>Juli Erfolgreicher Abschluß der Teroxx App Testphase
<class=”tg-bkto”>April Start der Teroxx App Test Phase
<class=”tg-bkto”>März Launch der Beta Version der Teroxx App
<class=”tg-bkto”>Januar Globale Abloxx Token Verteilung beginnt


<class=”tg-bkto”>Dezember Entwicklungsstart der Teroxx App
<class=”tg-bkto”>November Konzeptdesign der Teroxx App
<class=”tg-bkto”>Oktober Offizieller Launch der Vertriebsplattform
<class=”tg-bkto”>August Bereitstellung eines Exchange Services und einer Wallet für virtuelle Währungen
<class=”tg-bkto”>Juli Einrichtung des Smart Contract
<class=”tg-bkto”>Mai Fondslizenz und Fondsregistrierung
<class=”tg-bkto”>April Start der Programmierung
<class=”tg-bkto”>März $ 1.000.000 Fundraising
<class=”tg-bkto”>Januar Beantragung von Lizenzen und rechtliche Umsetzung



July Launch Buy & Sell feature of BTC & USDC via Teroxx bank transfer, Buy XAB via bank transfer, Design updates
March Launch of new features: Teroxx Help Center, Trade only, Buy Abloxx directly via Teroxx Wallet App



December Crypto Grow
November Bank deposits and withdrawals, credit card deposits, referral system, additional coins and security updates
August New language packs available
July New registration flow
May Teroxx Wallet App AML update and corporate accounts offering
March Teroxx Wallet App update tax report, notification center and additional coins



December New partnership with Blockpit and Coinify
October Teroxx Wallet App 3.0 Launch
August Jumio AML service partnership
July Teroxx AIF issue sum raised – USD 1.800.000
May  Teroxx AIF distribution approval for Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein
March Teroxx AIF approved by FMA Liechtenstein



December Teroxx Wallet App update and Jumio KYC software integration
November Partnership with Jumio as KYC software provider
September New innovative Teroxx Wallet App design
August First AIF cooperations signed
July New Abloxx distribution partnership
May Planning of the Teroxx AIF for institutional investors
March Launch of the Teroxx credit card program allowing the use of crypto-currencies in daily life
January First Teroxx Loyalty Program distribution for Abloxx participants



December Launch of the Teroxx App exchange feature
November Launch of the Abloxx Loyalty Program
October Start cooperation with credit card provider
September Teroxx App listing on the Apple store
August Teroxx App listing on the Google Play store
July Successful completion of the Teroxx App test phase
April Start of the Teroxx App Test Phase
March Launch beta version of the Teroxx App
January Official Start of the global Abloxx Token distribution



December  Development start of the Teroxx App
November Conceptual design of the Teroxx app
October Official launch of the distribution platform
August Providing exchange service and a virtual currency wallet
July Smart Contract set up
May Fund license and fund registration
April Start of programming
March USD 1,000,000 fund raising completed
January Application for licenses and legal implementation


About us

Abloxx tokens are ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be stored on any ERC-20 compatible wallet in the future. Abloxx is one of the first tokens worldwide, which has already created real use cases during the pre-sale phase.


Limited circulation quantity


Acceptance of XAB in the near future





Qualified team members


Christoph Pliessnig
CEO & Founder

Since 2018, Christoph has been leading Teroxx as CEO and Co-Founder together with Thomas Jöbstl and is responsible for business development and eight international locations with over 60 employees across Europe.

Thomas Jöbstl
CEO & Founder

As CEO and Co-Founder, Thomas focuses on legal compliance, licensing, and regulatory affairs, ensuring that partners and customers can successfully participate in the digital asset market.

What our investors say

Siegfried Wengler

Siegfried Wengler, entrepreneur in the financial sector since 1986. Specialised in real assets and cryptocurrencies. Provides tailor-made solutions for investors. Be part of this fantastic project!

Stefan Häffner
Stefan Haeffner

Stefan Haeffner, 51, financial expert and entrepreneur, successfully invested in the financial sector and achieved positive environmental and social impacts through infrastructure projects in Asia. Enthusiastic about the opportunity to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible and transparent.

Achim Winter
Achim Winter

Achim Winter, founder of CCR Logistics Systems AG and the Reverse Logistics Group, is a renowned entrepreneur and board member with many years of experience in the industry. He is also involved in social projects such as the Snow Crystals Foundation.

worlds best token for everyone

One of the first usecases is a licensed trading company called Teroxx. Via Teroxx it is possible for every Abloxx holder to participate in the complete crypto market with only one single transaction to Teroxx. You don’t need any special prior knowledge to be part of it.

worlds best token for everyone

One of the first usecases is a licensed trading company called Teroxx. Via Teroxx it is possible for every Abloxx holder to participate in the complete crypto market with only one single transaction to Teroxx. You don’t need any special prior knowledge to be part of it.

download the wallet andbuy the token here

One of the first usecases is a licensed trading company called Teroxx. Via Teroxx it is possible for every Abloxx holder to participate in the complete crypto market with only one single transaction to Teroxx. You don’t need any special prior knowledge to be part of it.

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Good to Know

Obtaining Your Abloxx Tokens

Ready to join the world of Abloxx? Get in touch with our in-house sales team to buy Abloxx tokens. We’ll guide you through the process of how to purchase your tokens and transfer them to your wallet. You’ll soon be part of the Abloxx family!

Storing Your Tokens Safely

Once you’ve acquired your Abloxx tokens, you need a secure place to store them. The best place to do that is on an ERC-20 compliant wallet. When your XAB tokens are issued, they’re promptly transferred to your designated wallet. Here’s an insider tip: try out the Teroxx wallet! It’s one of the first wallets to support Abloxx tokens, and what’s more, you earn bonus rewards just for storing your tokens there.

Building a Vibrant Community

We’re all about community at Abloxx. Rather than relying on typical token sale or ICO marketing approaches, we’ve built a dynamic, self-sustaining community. Join today to be among the first people in the know about everything Abloxx.



Staying Connected Through Social Media

We’re big believers in open communication and staying connected. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know. Whether you’re a crypto beginner or a already experienced, we’re here to make your journey with Abloxx both simple and rewarding.



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